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Special Items

NOW AVAILABLE 6" x 1.00" ESKA Front Tires $30.00
NEW (SWAN) PUNCTURE PROOF  7x1.25 tire used on Eska Tractors & Fendered Trailers $30.00
NOW AVAILABLE ESKA Rear Tires 35.00 each
NOW AVAILABLE ESKA Front Tires 30.00 each
NOW AVAILABLE "Star" rear rim used on Eska tractors 35.00 each
NOW AVAILABLE "Star" front rim used on Eska tractors 25.00 each
NOW AVAILABLE Set of four Eska tires mounted on Star rims -
Yellow or Red
Call for price/
Steel Seat used on large Eska tractors 50.00
NOW AVAILABLE Spark Plugs with wires and elbows, for Murray 7.50 each
Murray Rims for 9.75 x 1.25 Tire 50.00 each
Chain Guard for MMoline Tot or BMC 125.00
Cat Parts - wheels, fenders, tool boxes, lids, tracks, etc Available Now
NLMP - Radiator cap for D-4 Cat 45.00
Seat Spring for small 44 Massey Harris (new item) Call for price/availability
Ford 900/901 headlights 50.00 each
LGT seat - replacement - Cast Aluminum Call for price/availability
LGT fender - replacement - Cast Aluminum Call for price/availability
LGT front ends Call for price/availability
New - LGT Key and Switch Call for price/availability
Fenders for old trailers - flared or straight sides 50.00 each
Fenders for later series tractor 50.00 pair
Steel front rims - 6" x 1" rim $25.00 For most cast tractors $35.00
6" x 1" Eska tire with flat sidewall 30.00 Tin tractors 60.00 - 75.00
Steel front rims - 7" x 1.5" & 7" x 1.25" with hubcap slots and hubcap removal indentation (no paint only) used on early Ertl models.  Uses 7" x 1.5" & 7" x 1.25" tires. 25.00 CHAINS:  
Steel smooth dome rear rims (NO PAINT ONLY) with hubcap slots and hubcap removal indentation- (Used on most ERTL Tractors. Uses 12x1.75 tire with embossed sidewall) 35.00 Skip tooth chain for early small tractors
Call for price and availability
Plastic front rims with tire in various colors -    Regular chain 15.00
Yellow, Red,and now available in AC Cream  - other colors available - specify right or left side 25.00 Chain guard 16.00
JD 520/JD 20/IH 806 Style Front Rim with hub cap slots with 7x1.5 tire
mounted - yellow or red rims
Call for price/availability Chain guard screw set 1.00
JD 520/JD 20/IH 404/IH 806 Style Rear Rim   PEDALS:  
with 12x1.75 plain tire mounted on red or yellow, idle or drive side Call for price/availability Old style rubber with metal end 30.00 pair
    Old style rubber w/o metal end 30.00 pair
    Old style plastic - Black 5.00 each
Current style rear rims with tires   Old style plastic - white Call for price/availability
in AC Cream, JD Yellow, or Case Silver Call for price/availability Black center for white pedals Call for price/availability
8 x 1.75 front rim for Murray 25.00 New Ertl style push caps used on current models 3.00 each
10 x 1.75 rear rim for Murray, with or without hubcap tabs 50.00 New style Ertl Pedal ERTL stock 10.00 each
HUB CAPS:   Pedal caps used on Ertl tractors (hat style) 3.00 each
Regular Hubcap for most tractors 5.00 Old style dome pedal caps used on Eska tractors (Chrome) 6.00 each
Double Dome Hubcaps to fit current tractors 5.00 NEW PEDAL SHAFTS:  
Old Style Dome Hubcaps - A or small 60, H or med. M 5.00 Large Cog with bearings and lock collars (Large Eska) 25.00
TIRES:   Small skip cog or small regular cog with  
ESKA 6x1.00 front tire 30.00 brass bushings and lock collars (Small Eska) 25.00
ESKA letter front tires - 7" x 1.5" 30.00 Large or small cog with bearings  
ESKA letter front tires - 7" x 1.25" 30.00 and plates (replacements for 1963-current tractors) (ERTL) 25.00
ESKA letter rear tires 35.00 Small cog pedal shaft with plastic bushings used on current Ertl models 25.00
Front tires - 7" x 1.25" - plain 25.00 Standard Rear axle 25.00
Front tires - 7"x1.5" - plain 25.00 Rear axle for dual wheels 35.00
(SWAN) PUNCTURE PROOF  7x1.25 tire used on Eska Tractors & Fendered Trailers 30.00    
Rear tires - 12" x 1.75" embossed in sidewall - older Ertl tractors 30.00 Pedal shaft bearing - standard 5.00
LGT rear tire 30.00 Pedal shaft bearing - oversized 5.00
Traction tread trailer tires Call for price/availability New style axle housing 35.00
7.25" x 1.25" straight tread 30.00 Original large axle housing 40.00
9.75" x 1.25" tractor tread (for tin tractors) 30.00 Repro Square Tab Style or Large Round Axle Housings 35.00
8 x 1.75 front tire, ribbed tread for Murray 30.00 Axle housing bearing - 1 1/8" OD 5.00
10" x 1.75" Tractor tread tire for Murray 30.00 Axle housing bushing - plastic - sm. 7/8" OD 5.00
12" x 1.75" Smooth tread - for small H 30.00 Large/small skip or regular tooth sprocket 10.00
GRILLS:   Bronze axle and pedal shaft  
Grill for small H or med M (small 88 Oliver) each half 35.00 bushings for early tractors 4.00
LGT black plastic Grill 35.00 Lock collar 4.00
Oliver 1800-1855 white plastic Grill 35.00 MISC. PARTS:  
SEATS:   Body bolt sets for all models 5.00
Cast seats for most tractors Call for price/availability Drawbar - older tractors 16.00
New plastic seats Call for price/availability Hitch pin - newer tractors 5.00
Cast seat brackets 35.00 Noisemaker, with screws 5.00
Seat bolt and nut 1.00 Shift lever 16.50
FRONT POSTS:   Shift lever knob 5.00
New front post 25.00 Hitch repair casting Call for price/availability
Steering Rod 15.00 Engine piping repair casting 45.00
Steering shaft support post - small 60 or medium M 25.00 Hood ornament for 3010 5.00
STEERING WHEELS:   Ford 900 & 901 Rear Fenders Call for price/availability
Small, round 3-spoke (undrilled) 30.00 Ford 900 & 901 Complete Shift Lever with Knob 50.00
Large, round 3-spoke (undrilled) 30.00 Ford 900 & 901 Shift Knob Replacement 15.00
Large, flat 3-spoke (drilled) 30.00 Ford 900 & 901 Hood Ornament Call for price/availability
Plastic 30.00 Ford 900 & 901 Axle Housing 35.00
Steering wheel bolt and nut 1.00 Seat spring for Murray Call for price/availability
    Seat spring for Oliver 1800 series 25.00
    Wagon tongues for new style trailers 20.00
    Wagon box only 35.00
Hub cap for Murray Call for price/availability Sleeve 1/2" to 7/16" or 7/16" to 3/8" 1.00
    Trike Wheels Available 7,8,10, and 12 inch call for pricing
    Muffler SM60 $4.00
    Med M 8.00
John Deere 8520 Dual Kit Available Call for Prices  
Case I-H , New Holland & Availability



Call for availability & prices.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

ACWD45, Kabota Call for Prices    
Agco Massey,American Farmers & Availability    
Agco White, IH 806      
Ford 8N, IH 826 Golden Demo      
New Super H w/ Custom Wheels      
Massey 25 special, Oliver 1755      
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November 1, 2023